Acceptance Speech Delivered By Obed Safo Kantanka KTU SRC President 2019/2020

Mr Chairman, The Vice Chancellor, the registrar, the dean of students affairs, outgone SRC executives, the chief justice, Current SRC executives, Fellow Students, Ladies and gentlemen

Good afternoon and thank you all for coming.

You cannot even begin to fathom how divine this all is to me. I had to secretly pinche myself to the reality of today not too long ago. I will praise the name of God and shall magnify his name with thanksgiving.

I come before as a gentleman of the land forged from relentless believe of the masses, tutorship of this great institution and values that our great nation possesses.

I am not a philosopher or a professor, just a gentleman willing to serve you most and I believe am not alone in this quest. Permit me to acknowledge Yussif Gariba, Hemeng Bennet, Bentil Emmanuel, Akor Fi Magdalene, Obeng Boampong Adu, Isaac Kwesi Boateng, Noussokpe Obed. I salute you all comrades.

Mr Chairman, Today marks 3 months and 2days ago when students stood in long queues to elect a leader in one of the most historic elections ever held in this school. The students made history by electing the first-ever computer science student, first-ever Faculty of Applied Science and Tech Student, First-ever Top UP (BSc/BTech) student and first-ever weekend student to crowned SRC PRESIDENT in the history of Koforidua Technical University. Indeed, history will never forget this day.

Mr Chairman I salute the efforts of the outgoing SRC Executives for attending to the interest of students and raising the flag of the SRC. I applaud their tireless efforts to ensure sanity on Campus.AS the Akan’s will say “Nipa B3y3 bi nanso w’amb3y3 ne nyinaa”. We pledge to continue the good work and say ayekoo.

In spite of this chairman, the relevance of the SRC have diminished and students are gradually losing faith in it. It’s however very saddening that most students’ leaders have failed the student’s countless times that most students prefer to deal with their problems in their way. But I believe that the trust placed in us will go a long way to revamp the state of the SRC and bring-forth the never-ending love and trust students have for the council.

My dear students, we came to your rooms, lecture halls, place of worship day and night to solicit for your votes and you endured us. You accepted our plead and policies to lead and voted us into power. I believe that the highest distinction in life is service and I promise you nothing less than that. As Marcus Tullius Cicero said.” Not for ourselves alone are we born’ ’hence, we owe it a duty and responsibility to serve with integrity and selflessness. Our stewardship should be seen and felt by you students who have elected us into this Nobel office.

Mr Chairman, my executives and I have taken an oat this morning to serve and be accountable to the students. The sacredness of this oath demands that students interest becomes our major priority. I have signed a social contract with the discerning students of this great institution and therefore the Safo Kantanka led SRC administration would be anchored on building a strong student front with the welfare of students our topmost priority. Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah said “Action without thought is empty. Thought without action is blind’’ and therefore we are passionate about the well thought through ‘’ Nyame Akasa policies and we intend to implement every single one of them.

Mr Chairman I acknowledge the efforts and massive contribution of all members of the Nyame Akasa team I say may the living God bless you all and replenish anything you have lost as a result. I am most grateful.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the future have arrived! And I am glad to announce it; KTU SRC will be better. We will face challenges, but we shall get to the mountain top. We will make sacrifices, we will remain disciplined, we will win! So, help us, God.

Long Live Ghana;
Long Live Koforidua Technical University
Long Live the SRC.

GOD Bless us All

Thank you


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