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Press Release: 10/06/2018

Greetings to you all colleague Students, I trust you are all doing well and busy learning for your exams as well.

Thank you for making time to read my statement. As a matter of fact, the SRC understands your displeasure and wish to inform the student populace that the delay of the souvenirs isn’t the fault of the Council.

No good leader wants to set a bad precedence and as President of the Council, I want and wish each and every student to put his or her self in my shoes. There is no way I would sit back and watch matters get this bad.

Once again I wish to highlight the reasons for the delay of our souvenirs:

  1. Delay in the approval for the production of souvenirs from the University Council
  2. Long delay in release of funds for the production
  3. For the fact that we haven’t paid our suppliers anything as at now. This has led to the supplier’s reluctance to supply the goods.

The SRC Procurement Officer and his team ordered for enough souvenirs as per the number of Students we have and as we speak now a small quantity of the clothes were sent by flight with the remaining being shipped and yet to hit our doors. The supplier has asked for our patience and has assured that the goods will arrive before the end of the month and as far as the goods are already shipped, there is very little they can do especially when we haven’t even paid a pesewa.

We admit that there has been a delay and trust is being lost. We as Executives have been facing series of problems as far as finances are concerned and payment of the souvenirs as well. Nevertheless, we can still assure you that your souvenirs will be given to you including those who haven’t paid in due course.

On this note my dear colleagues, I KING-DAVID SOLOMON KAMASA, SRC PRESIDENTwith all humility, plead with all final years to stay calm. It is at this point in time that I ask for your support to stand strong before the University Council who has generated this problem and not for my own people to rise against me and allow the University Council stay free. I pray and trust this message reaches your understanding.

Thank you all and long live our SRC.





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Stephanie Yaa Bowte


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