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The leadership of SRC would like to commend the entire student body for waiting patiently throughout the negotiation process of the 2017/2018 academic year fees.

Following the release of the proposed fees for the 2017/2018 academic year which is subject to final approval by parliament and the animosity that has greeted it, the SRC would like to state emphatically to the entire student that its outfit is well informed that the student body is not fully satisfied with the proposed fees released. The SRC however on Monday will file a petition to management to express this dissatisfaction raised by students on the proposed fees.

We want to urge our students to stay calm as we exhaust all internal mechanisms to resolve this issue. We want students to know that the SRC has really work hard to have come this far with the percentage increment of 6% this year. But in view of this, the SRC will keep working hard to exhaust all avenues possible to help save the situation. We want to further state and remind students that the fees is subjected to parliamentary approval. After which if there is a decrease or reduction, the SRC will ensure that monies paid are refund to students.

We are in solidarity with students and will keep up in the best interest of students. We want students to know that the SRC is not in bed with management, so we encourage all groups and student activists to rally behind us.

My SRC, your SRC, our SRC will surely make us proud. THANK YOU!!!


Signed ✍🏻


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