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10896293_839101596112799_2977080247371726022_oWe the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) of Koforidua Polytechnic and the entire students wishes to use this opportunity to bring to the knowledge of the general public and draw the attention of government to some challenges in the changes of developments in tertiary institutions in Ghana.
We congratulate the President of the Republic of Ghana for the hard work and commitment towards the development of tertiary education, secondary education and basic education in the country and even his decision to make SHS free and also transform polytechnics to technical universities. We are very delighted with such a decision from his Excellency the President of Ghana, we accord him the respect and must confess students are happy with such a policy.

Notwithstanding that, we would like to find out; are we to be happy to embrace the new development and transformation or frown to it? Since the old system is becoming a burden on us early last year, a directive from the Ministry of Finance indicated government’s withdrawal on all forms of subsidies and subventions to public tertiary institutions in the country. A timely intervention by H.E. the President ensured that this decision did not materialize.
It was a great moment for tertiary students in the country. Nonetheless, we fear to say that recent developments point in the directions of the earlier decision by the Ministry of Finance vis-a-vis the payment of utility bills by tertiary institution across the country of which K’dua poly is no exception.
November last year, we are all aware that Kumasi Polytechnic were disconnected for days because of government refusal to pay arrears after the ECG has informed them to settle their bills two months earlier. Takoradi Polytechnic faced similar warnings and subsequent sanctions not long ago.
In the month of November, The K’dua Poly SRC was called by the Acting Rector to a meeting with the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) and the Public Utility and Regulations Authority (PURC). These entities were clear that they had a directive from the Ministry of Finance to instruct all public institutions to make payments towards utility bills and to settle all debts or suffer a disconnection.
The consequences of this directive is that, the end users (students) are going to be billed by next semester university authorities would be forced to include utility bills in the fees of students latest by next semester.
Mr President, there are already precarious woes of tertiary students who are undeniably overburdened with the exorbitant cost of tertiary education in the country. Government in its wisdom and cognisant of the fact that the role of tertiary education in the socio economic development of this country cannot be overemphasized, instituted the payment of subventions in order to make tertiary education accessible and affordable to all.
Withdrawal of these subventions contradicts the mantra that is being preached by the current government. The plight of the poor is gradually being diminished and creating an atmosphere where only the rich can survive. We are therefore appealing to the government in a petition submitted to the office of the President of the Republic of Ghana dated February 10, 2015 to respond and resolve amicably these issues without delay before the next semester begins in order to allow tertiary education to proceed in a diffusive warmth and conducive atmosphere devoid of any form of threat from any group or company to cause panic to students and entire institution.

May the almighty see you through all your endeavours
Thank you
Hail Koforidua Poly SRC!
Hail Students’ Activism!
Hail Mother Ghana!


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